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2020 has been a year of a myriad of emotions to say the very least. Sadness, loneliness, anxiety, confusion, sorrow, and anger are a few moods that many are feeling. So it’s very fitting that alternative hip-hop duo Push The Giant have unleashed their smashing five track debut EP Full Attack to a world that finds itself in a civil uprising and global pandemic. People are yearning for a soundtrack to release immense amounts of pent-up energy to and Push The Giant delivers it with a barrage of welcome sonic punches that feel cathartic and liberating. Electric guitars, 808s, industrial percussion, electronic pads, and heavy punk rock motifs lay the sonic foundation for the eccentric 3RITAiN (pronounced Britain) to flow (and sometimes scream!) over with his passionate bellicose bravado. The EP bursts with energy—from the first kick drum to the last tail of a guitar pedal effect—there is zero time to catch your breath. Push the Giant is unapologetically slaps and doesn’t back down. If you’re not playing their music at full volume, then you’re simply doing it wrong. “To me, this project is me seeing the color red,” 3RITAiN says. “I was feeling a lot of strong, powerful energy and I wanted to invoke rage. I feel like Push The Giant is just a complete spaz out fit of an unstoppable force that smacks you in the face then punches you in the throat.” There’s a physicality to Push the Giant that you don’t often find in today’s contemporary versions of hip-hop. It blends punk rock, shoegaze, and electronic dance music with hip-hop, giving it a dynamic feel with twists and turns at every corner. After a few listens to “Full Attack”, vivid daydreams and memories of late night mosh pits start to take form. The track “Crazy Wild” encapsulates this unique style of energy the most. As 3RITAiN spits bars like: “It’s a cold world even with the top down/Ain’t no time to relax/Applying pressure from the front to back/stepping on your head juist to get higher/” over an onslaught of reverbed out toms, heavy guitar riffs, and an EDM-esque build and cathartic drop. In these tense and uncertain times that is 2020, Push The Giant’s “Full Attack” empowers us all to feel what we feel, and let it out. Scream into the abyss. Yell. Push The Giant is a constant reminder to always express yourself for your own sanity. But most importantly, never hold back and to approach life with all the confidence and energy you can give and you will likely feel better once you get to the other side.

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